January 2012

“I (finally) have an iPad … Now what?”

Bonus (No. 11)

online_iPadApps_jbcASBMB has an app for the Journal of Biological Chemistry (unsurprisingly called JBC) where you can browse the current issue, previous issues and special collections. Read science to your heart’s content wherever you might be!


That’s a small sample of the 325 apps I currently have on my iPad. I hope you found something new to try!

online_iPadApps_AngelaAngela Alexander (angela.alexander1@gmail.com) is a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center and a blogger at http://thecancergeek.wordpress.com.

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You might want to take a look at the free iPad App DataAnalysis. DataAnalysis for plotting and analysis of all types of data that can be formulated as x, y pairs. It is particularly useful for quick analysis of various types of scientific data by curve fitting, analysis of data via a standard curve, and analysis of various types of kinetic data including enzyme kinetics.


Great introduction to useful technology to consider. I will now likely consider purchasing the iPad. Ida Owens, Ph.D.


Thanks for sharing your App suggestions with us. George Carman, Associate Editor, JBC



Thanx lady......I think I will download the ones that I don't have!



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