January 2012

“I (finally) have an iPad … Now what?”


Pubmed on Tap: When you want to search the literature for the answer to your burning question, try PubMed on Tap. Free full-text articles are always available, and if your institutional library offers access to articles from off campus using EZProxy, that’s supported, too, for the non-open-access journals. Save articles to your personal library for later perusal, and you can even open the PDFs you have downloaded in iAnnotate PDF! using the “open in …” button.

online_iPadApps_HHMIHHMI Bulletin: This iPad-only app is a hidden treasure in the app store. It’s a beautifully rendered general scientific magazine published quarterly. Everyone’s bound to find something of interest, and the graphics are pretty amazing too. A great read for the bus/train/plane or just on a day in lab when you don’t have too much to do.


At the bench

online_iPadApps_promegaPromega: I’ve tried out many life science companies’ free apps, and I have to say Promega’s comes out on top for usefulness. It includes lots of useful information about general molecular and cell biology protocols including videos and animations, some useful calculators (conversions galore!), a restriction enzyme tool, and in case you need anything else, quick links for contacting Promega by various methods.

online_iPadApps_invitorgenDailyCalcs: This free little app from Invitrogen does what it says – calculations – and has some useful cell culture references if you’re new to the area or even if you’re experienced at cell culture. Do you know offhand the surface area of a well of a six-well plate? This app has the info if you need to calculate plating densities based on other sizes of plates. (Answer: 962mm2)




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You might want to take a look at the free iPad App DataAnalysis. DataAnalysis for plotting and analysis of all types of data that can be formulated as x, y pairs. It is particularly useful for quick analysis of various types of scientific data by curve fitting, analysis of data via a standard curve, and analysis of various types of kinetic data including enzyme kinetics.


Great introduction to useful technology to consider. I will now likely consider purchasing the iPad. Ida Owens, Ph.D.


Thanks for sharing your App suggestions with us. George Carman, Associate Editor, JBC



Thanx lady......I think I will download the ones that I don't have!



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