December 2011

Research Spotlight

What was the last book you read? 

“Worth Dying For” written by Lee Child and narrated by Dick Hill. Lee Child is one of my favorite authors and Dick Hill is my favorite narrator. This book is the last in a series about an ex-army MP.

Do you have any heroes, heroines or role models? If so, describe how they have influenced you? 

I have several professional role models, in addition to the mentors who have influenced my decisions. Saundra McGuire (Vice Chancellor at Louisiana State University) is one of the most gracious individuals I know. I strive to be as generous in spirit and impactful in the lives of others as she is. Other role models include Isiah Warner, Linette Watkins (Texas State University) and Mary Boyd (University of San Diego). I also have many very supportive peers who are such competitors in everything they do that they motivate me to constantly improve. This includes Malika Jeffries-El (Iowa State University), John Harkless (Howard University), Lakiesha Williams (Mississippi State University), Rolanda Johnson (Procter and Gamble Beauty) and Zakiya Wilson (Louisiana State University), among many, many others.

Outside of STEM, my heroes and heroines include First Lady Michelle Obama, Indiana Jones, Lara Croft (the “Tomb Raider” series), Ripley (the “Alien” series), Cynthia Butler McIntyre (Delta Sigma Theta National President), Mae Jemison (Astronaut, M.D., and STEM advocate), Beyoncé and my cousin Chante Pierce Roberts.

What is it that keeps you working hard and studying science every day? 

Sheer stubbornness.

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