December 2011

Tabor Award winners


Wound-healing studies recognized 

Ulrich auf dem Keller was named the winner at the 7th General Meeting of the International Proteolysis Society held in October in San Diego and attended by Journal of Biological Chemistry Associate Editor Judith Bond.

Ulrich auf dem Keller, a senior research assistant and junior group leader at ETH Zurich, won his Tabor award for his studies of proteolytic events in the skin.

Auf dem Keller, a native of Mülheim an der Ruhr, Germany, completed his undergraduate studies at the Universities of Tübingen and Munich and his graduate studies at ETH Zurich, where he worked under Sabine Werner and focused on cytoprotection of keratinocytes in the skin. He later completed a postdoctoral stint with Chris Overall at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver and then returned to the ETH Zurich unit led by Werner.

Auf dem Keller was recognized for identifying, along with Paul Hartmann AG, proteolytic signatures in the acute wound-healing process.

"In future work, those signatures will be compared to signatures from impaired skin repair, such as in diabetes," auf dem Keller says. "The final goal is to apply this knowledge in the clinics for assessing if a wound might turn bad and for defining the appropriate strategy for therapeutic intervention."

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