December 2011

Tabor Award winners



Lydia Chávez-Vargas was named the winner at the Cell Signaling Networks Conference held in late October in Merida, Mexico, and attended by Journal of Biological Chemistry Associate Editor Judith Bond.

A nice mix of experiences  

Lydia Chávez-Vargas, a graduate student at Mexico’s Center for Research and Advanced Studies at the National Polytechnic Institute, won her Tabor award for her studies of the molecular intricacies of endothelial-cell migration in response to angiogenic signals acting on chemotactic G-protein-coupled receptors

Chávez-Vargas, a native of Morelia, Mexico, studied biochemical engineering as an undergraduate and worked for a pharmaceutical company after graduation before continuing her studies at CINVESTAV under the mentorship of José Vázquez-Prado.

Her overall project will contribute to (a) our understanding of signaling pathways’ roles in activating Rho GTPases in tumor-induced angiogenesis and (b) the identification of novel antiangiogenic targets.



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