November 2011

An interview with Muriel 'Mickey' Korn

Beaumont_house_KornQ. When did you first come to work at Beaumont House?

A. I started in 1976.

Q. How many years did you work there, and what was your position?

A. I worked full time for 17 years and part time for an additional 16 years. My title was editorial assistant, but for 16 years I was full-time assistant to an associate editor, Ed Korn, a relative by marriage. I had worked for JBC for over a year before Ed became an associate editor.)

Q. Did you have a background in science? What drew you to such a career?

A. No, I had no background in science. But I wanted to work at something that served society and the journal certainly fit that description. I had been doing substitute teaching. My field was social science. I taught eighth-grade geography and high-school history.

Q. I understand that your home is very close to Beaumont House and that you walked to work each day. Just how close is it? And, was there a downside to being in such close proximity?

A. Easy 10-minute walk from my front door to Beaumont House. No downside at all.

Q. You still walk a lot today, correct? Does your route take you by the campus?

A. I still walk each morning -- but not on the campus.

Q. You have said that the fact that Beaumont House was indeed a house made the work environment rather warm. Can you think of any particular examples of moments that required staffers to pull together the way a family would?

A. In the era before toaster ovens and microwaves, we considered ourselves fortunate to have the use of a very well-stocked kitchen, and we often brought leftovers to be reheated. That led to sharing recipes, and I still smile when I get out my pie-crust recipe from Barbie Garber or my crab-cake recipe from Polly Fleming, Dr. (Herb) Tabor's first secretary. And we always planned special, home-cooked birthday lunches.


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