November 2011

Biochemistry and molecular biology blogs

This blog review is the first in an occassional online series.

ASBMB Today contributor Aditi Das

Blogging, or Web logging, as it was originally called, is now entwined with most media consumers’ lives along with Twitter feeds and Facebook posts. And while those who work and study in the field of bioscience have a multitude of reading options, it’s sometimes hard to know where to begin.

With scientific journals like Science, Nature, PLoS; newsgroups like Discovery and National Geographic; and the countless independent bloggers producing commentary and reportage each day, there is an ocean of interesting reading out there, and this column is intended to help readers who aren’t all that Web savvy yet wade through it and pick out the gems. I will try to provide brief overviews of a handful of blogs that for the most part target readers engaged in biochemistry and molecular biology.

For readers who are ready to dive into the ocean of blogs, a comprehensive view of the RSS feeds from major (and some minor) science blogging networks, group blogs, aggregators and services is available at, a site built by Anton Zuiker (@mistersugar), Bora Zivkovic (@BoraZ) and Dave Munger (@davemunger) to provide readers with a “central clearinghouse for all scientific needs” and to maintain a balanced ecosystem covering science, nature and medicine.

Science blogging pioneer Bora Zivkovic

I chose to start with Zivkovic’s "A Blog around the Clock" (now running for seven years). Zivkovic is one of the most prolific science bloggers and runs Scientific American’s blogging network. He pioneered the ScienceOnline conferences and edits anthologies of the best writing on science blogs. I chose Zivkovic’s educational blog primarily because a chunk of it had the relevant heading BIO101, and when I surfed through it, I was awed by the informative yet informal classroom-type lecture with texts, cartoons and animations of the living cell and its molecular processes. Other content of this blog indulges Zivkovic’s personal areas of expertise and interest, including chronobiology, animal physiology and evolution, and indeed makes for insightful reading. The master blogger also covers several meta topics, as he terms them, including science communication, controversies and media.

Aditi Das ( is a science writer and research scientist based in Washington, D.C.

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Very useful information provided by Aditi Das. As a scientist she clearly understands that knowledge and unerstanding are 2 different things and it is important to clearly identify what you need to know and where to get that information. Would love to see similar blogs on specific mechanisms in biochemistry and disease states. Munia Mukherjee


Very helpful information about blogging in science. Aditi did a very good job as always. Anne Kwan



This is an interesting blog by Aditi Das. I would be excited to learn more about the scientific blogs of Zivkovic and similar bloggers. I am aware of Aditi Das's impressive scientific work as demonstrated by her publications. It is important that she continues to blog to keep us updated about the new developments in science and technology. Biplab Dasgupta, PhD, Asst. Professor, Cincinati Children's Hospital Medical Center.



Great information for students and for general readers. Zivkovic's blog is a great choice as a starting point because the information is presented in an entertaining and humorous manner and yet manages to retain the focus on biology. PR



This is very informative for general reader like me. It is a great way to get exposed to Biochemistry and can be very worthwhile for young students. Simanti


very helpful


I find this article highly useful as the author has vividly presented the usefulness of science blogging in this modern era where enormous research work is being done worldwide and it's very difficult for someone to get updated all the time. The instances of science blogging presented here definitely saves one's time yet indulges one's apetite to explore more. -PG


Very informative article, am looking forward to reading Zivkovic's blogs. In todays scenario where the field of biochemistry & molecular biology is accelerating leaps and bounds, it would be nice to keep oneself concisely updated through specific blogs as the author talks about. Indrani Som, PhD



Sampa Pal;PhD Aditi is a great scientist and pioneer in NEIL-DNA repair enzymes. Her publications prove groundbreaking discovery--appreciated by many.



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