November 2011

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Glycoconjugates in metabolism and disease  

In the final session, “Role of Glycoconjugates in Metabolism and Disease,” Jeff Esko (University of California, San Diego) will discuss his work on endothelial cell receptors and their interaction with heparan sulfate with respect to innate immunity.

John Hanover (National Institutes of Health) will describe his group’s studies on the role of nutrient-driven O-GlcNAc in regulating gene expression by modulating higher-order chromatin structure and the multifaceted histone code. His results suggest that O-GlcNAc directly regulates RNA polymerase II and may contribute to transgenerational epigenetic reprogramming.

Lance Wells (University of Georgia) will speak on the role of O-mannosylation in congenital muscular dystrophy, cancer metastasis and arenavirus entry into cells. He will present data that highlight the novel protein substrates for O-mannosylation, as well as the enzymes and the novel glycans they synthesize that are disrupted in various pathophysiologies.

Meetings_Glyco_ColleyMeetings_Glyco_MenonKaren Colley ( is a professor at the University of Illinois College of Medicine, and Anant K. Menon ( is a professor at Weill Cornell Medical College. 


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