November 2011

Organelle dynamics

Jon Audhya (University of Wisconsin, Madison) will describe the development of C. elegans as a model system to study how membrane trafficking and organelle dynamics are modulated during development, cell proliferation and cell differentiation. His lab studies the ESCRT complex, which promotes membrane fission reactions at late endosomes and other cellular locations.

Catherine Rabouille (Hubrecht Institute) will describe how her group has developed Drosophila as a powerful model system for studying the cell biology of the secretory pathway. Her work includes studies of ER export and Golgi organization as well as unconventional secretion mechanisms that bypass the traditional secretory pathway.


Meetings_Organelle_GlickMeetings_Organelle_ChanBen Glick ( is a professor at the University of Chicago, and David Chan ( is an associate professor and Howard Hughes Medical Institute investigator at the California Institute of Technology. 


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