November 2011

Members make case for science on Capitol Hill



“I had an amazing day visiting with my congressional representatives … I was amazed at the process and how willing every office was to listen to our comments about the importance of biomedical research and NIH funding.  I was pleased to hear the support for NIH that was evident across the many offices we visited, regardless of political party.”
-Mark Quinn,
 Montana State University 

“I must say that this visit exceeded my expectations in terms of what I learned and what we achieved … We were welcomed and received the highest respect concerning the issues we raised. I truly believe that this forum is well worth our time and effort and appreciated the bipartisan positive feedback regarding the NIH budget. Also, I felt that from both sides of the aisle there was a great appreciation for biomedical research and understanding that support for NIH is conducive to economic growth and job creation.”
-Michal Laniado-Schwartzman,
 New York Medical College  

“I learned that constituent voices do get heard, but only if we ask to be heard.”
-Kathleen Collins,  
 University of California, Berkeley  

“Two important aspects of these exchanges … were 1) the opportunity to clarify the difference between basic and translational research and the critical need to fund both going forward and 2) their recognition of the enormous social and economic impact of funding science in the U.S. and insight into additional measures that could provide more bang for the taxpayer scientific buck, such as lowering the regulatory burden on scientists. 
-Gerald Shadel 
 Yale University School of Medicine  

“The fascinating experience … made me realize that, as scientists, we must all speak out and reach out to politicians, who would actually later recollect what we shared with them when House of Representatives or Senate appropriations are examined. Believe it or not, our real-life stories are important for making progress with discovery in scientific research, especially when NIH funding is being cut…. And if we do not express the need for such fiscal support and the importance of those considerations repeatedly, politicians may not realize and prioritize these needs.”
-Xian Luo 
 Loma Linda University  

"The Hill Day was a great experience that gave me the opportunity to convey to lawmakers our society’s message with my personalized touch and ask for their support of biomedical research and related matters important to the scientists in our country."
-Laszlo Prokai 
 University of North Texas Health Science Center 

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