November 2011

Members make case for science on Capitol Hill

Mark Quinn 
Montana State University 
Hill_day_QuinnMark Quinn’s research is focused on understanding microbicidal mechanisms utilized by innate immune cells in defense of the host against pathogens, specifically investigating the molecular and biochemical basis of phagocyte oxygen radical production as well as the role of phagocyte-generated oxidants in the tissue damage associated with inflammatory diseases in humans and livestock.


Kathleen Collins 
University of California, Berkeley 
Hill_day_CollinsKathleen Collins studies functional complexes of RNA and proteins to understand their distinct assembly requirements and their innovations of activity. Much of the lab effort is focused on telomerase, an enzyme required for chromosome end maintenance and implicated in human disease.



Wayne Frasch 
Arizona State University 
HIll_day_FraschWayne Frasch studies ATP synthetase, the enzyme required by virtually every living organism to catalyze the conversion of energy from food or light into ATP.



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