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Advocacy toolkit: This resource has instructions for identifying and contacting your member(s) of Congress and provides sample scripts you can use to voice your opinion by email or phone. If you are interested in meeting directly with your representative, the toolkit explains how to orchestrate face-to-face interactions in your home district (Hosting a Meeting) or in Washington, D.C. (Congressional Visits Guide). When preparing for a meeting, be sure to use documents from the Congressional Meeting Materials link and watch the “Meeting with your Congressman” video to see how a meeting should and should not be conducted. Moreover, you can find congressional biographies that provide information on members’ backgrounds and voting records on science-related issues.

Position statements and correspondence: Read ASBMB’s formal position statements on issues such as human embryonic stem cell research and maintenance of proper NIH grant portfolio balance as well as press releases detailing the official ASBMB response to news items that affect researchers. ASBMB is also part of multiple science coalitions and organizations that release statements and letters in response to legislative or administrative issues.

Events: The major advocacy event hosted by ASBMB is our biannual Hill Day, when members are brought to Washington to meet with lawmakers and to advocate for basic research. Learn what Hill Day is all about by browsing photos and participant interviews from past years. Upcoming events include the PAAC-hosted science policy seminar at the annual Experimental Biology meeting.

Related sites: Check out this extensive list of websites that cover the science policy spectrum, from legislative and government agencies to fellow scientific societies, coalition partners and organizations.

Julie_McClureJulie McClure ( is a science policy fellow at ASBMB. 


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