October 2011

Overview: See you in San Diego!

The Protein Synthesis, Targeting and Quality Control theme, co-chaired by Jeffrey Brodsky (University of Pittsburgh) and William M. Clemons (California Institute of Technology), will include sessions that cover the folding and assembly of ribosomes, mechanisms for targeting and translocation of proteins to ER membranes, factors modulating protein quality control, and the contribution of protein quality control to disease.

The Lipid and Lipid Signaling theme is co-chaired by Dawn L. Brasaemle (Rutgers University) and Timothy F. Osborne (Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute). This theme features sessions on lipid droplet biology, channeling of lipids and metabolic branch points, lipid signaling in infection and atherosclerosis, and lipid-mediated regulation of protein function.

The Metabolism and Disease theme, co-chaired by Reuben Shaw (Salk Institute) and Benjamin Tu (University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas), will focus on organismal metabolism, signaling and metabolism, metabolism of cancer cells and aging metabolism.

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Organelle Dynamics, co-chaired by David Chan (California Institute of Technology) and Benjamin Glick (University of Chicago), will consist of sessions that highlight the dynamics of mitochondria, quality control of organelles, secretory pathway organization and the dynamics of the endomembrane system.

The Glycobiology theme, co-chaired by Karen Colley (University of Illinois at Chicago) and Anant Menon (Weill Cornell Medical College), will focus on the role of glycoconjugates in signaling and development and in the invasion and virulence of pathogens. Additional sessions will highlight novel routes of glycoconjugate assembly and the roles of glycoconjugates in metabolism and disease.

Drug Development, co-chaired by Peter Jackson (Genentech) and Randall King (Harvard Medical School), will consist of sessions that explore the link between tumor regression and cell death, highlight advances in targeted cancer drug development, and discuss methods for discovery of new drug targets.

Systems Biology, co-chaired by Steve Altschuler (UT Southwestern Medical Center) and Alexander Hoffmann (UC, San Diego), will include sessions that will explore the construction of networks and will examine them as a function of time, space and noise within systems.

The Chemical Biology and Catalysis theme, co-chaired by Philip A. Cole (Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine) and Jason K. Sello (Brown University), will have sessions focused on metabolomics, chemistry and medicine, metabolic engineering and mechanistic enzymology.

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