October 2011

Alice and C.C. Wang Award in Molecular Parasitology


Presidents_Message_CCandAliceThanks to the extraordinary generosity of Alice and C.C. Wang, I am delighted to announce the new Alice and C.C. Wang Award in Molecular Parasitology, which we hope will serve as an important part of C.C. Wang’s legacy as a distinguished parasitologist.

About the award 

The award will recognize active, established investigators who are making seminal contributions to the field of molecular parasitology. The areas of research are limited to protozoan parasites but otherwise are broadly defined, including biochemistry, molecular biology, gene regulation, metabolism, cell biology, development biology and host-pathogen interactions.

The recipient will be an internationally recognized scientific leader who already has made important discoveries in the field and who continues to lead an active effort at the cutting edge of research in this area.

The award will consist of a research grant for the recipient’s laboratory, a plaque or commemorative medal, and travel expenses to the ASBMB annual meeting to present a lecture on his or her research.

We welcome nominations from ASBMB members, though the nominee need not be a member. The deadline for nominations for the first award is Dec. 1.



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As someone who has known the Wangs all my professional life, I want to add my voice to the chorus of gratitude for their generosity as well as for their contributions to human welfare and to science. - Timothy Carter, Ph.D. Professor of Cell and Molecular Biology, St. John's University (ASBMB member)




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