September 2011

Resource: genomewide epigenetic maps

Researchers in the Reference Epigenome Mapping Consortium, part of the NIH Common Fund’s Roadmap Epigenomics Program, have begun creating a community resource of genomewide epigenetic maps in a variety of human primary cell and tissue types.

The data represent more than 100 samples, including adult and fetal cells and tissues and embryonic and induced pluripotent stem cells. 

The majority of reference epigenomes being generated contain information about DNA methylation, a core set of histone modifications, chromatin accessibility and gene expression.

A subset of reference epigenomes also will contain an expanded set of at least twenty additional histone modifications. The consortium’s website provides information about protocols developed by consortium members, information about data standards and links to a variety of sites where the epigenomic data can be visualized in a genome browser or downloaded for subsequent analysis.  


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