September 2011

New faces and initiatives at UAN


Want to get involved in UAN?

•Start an undergraduate affiliate network chapter on your campus.
•Support your campus UAN group by picking up the $200 membership tab.
•Volunteer to judge undergraduate posters at the ASBMB annual meeting.
•Post a copy of the Enzymatic newsletter on your office door.
•Take the Enzymatic survey at
•Contribute an article to Enzymatic about your experiences in outreach or service learning, unique courses, cool projects, how you use the Journal of Biological Chemsitry in your classroom, alternate careers, or video reviews.
•Contact UAN at


News and best practices across the UAN community are shared through the UAN newsletter, Enzymatic. This year, Rebekah Waikel of Eastern Kentucky University takes over as the chief editor. She will be implementing some changes to the newsletter while preserving popular features, such as JBC in the Classroom, service-learning course guidelines and career articles. Enzymatic is available on the ASBMB website.

A new pilot project this year called UAN BOSS, for Borderless Outreach Strategies for Students, will bring together UAN chapters across the country to develop outreach projects and form a lateral support community. Members from UAN chapters will get to work with those on other campuses. Given the distinctive cultural differences of schools across the country, students will get “glocal” practice while working on a common theme. This year’s theme is nutrition and food security. Look for details of the BOSS project in the next issue of Enzymatic.

As the new chair of the UAN, my goals this year are to engage my fellow UAN faculty members to expand the network, to recruit new members and to help members take full advantage of all the UAN resources.


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