September 2011

New faces and initiatives at UAN

The Undergraduate Affiliate Network remains committed to shaping well-rounded grads.


As researchers and educators, we understand the need for an academically rigorous curriculum for undergraduates studying biochemistry and molecular biology. Undergraduate training also should include opportunities for students to broaden and deepen their education through research and to engage in networking, leadership and community-service activities.

About the new UAN chair


Marilee Benore is a professor of biology and biochemistry and associate dean at the University of Michigan-Dearborn. She is active in mentoring undergraduates, especially women and minorities, and in conducting biochemistry education research. Benore has been a member of the ASBMB Education and Professional Development Committee, a co-chair of the undergraduate poster competition and a founding member of the UAN committee. She has served as a UAN regional director and, for the past few years, as the editor of the UAN newsletter, Enzymatic. She is also a co-author of a lab manual.

The ASBMB recognized the importance of the co-curricular experience by founding and supporting the Undergraduate Affiliate Network, a community of students and faculty members actively engaged in undergraduate biochemistry and molecular biology education and research. Supported by and working with the ASBMB Education and Professional Development Committee, UAN provides its members funding for research, travel and outreach projects and recognizes outstanding students and chapters through its honor society and the UAN Outstanding Chapter Award. UAN faculty advisers are also supported through this network of educators and receive ample opportunities to network at UAN regional meetings and at the ASBMB annual meeting.

One goal of the UAN this year will be to expand the network, recruit new members, and help students and faculty members utilize the aforementioned resources. Regional directors will seek out new faculty members and provide guidance, offer ideas for the student groups on outreach, and promote the resources available. Outreach and service learning will be promoted and enhanced.





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