August 2011

10 tips for green meeting travel

 Ways to save time and money and lower your environmental footprint when traveling. 

An increasingly important trend in the travel industry is the concept of going green, being more eco-friendly and implementing sustainable practices and standards. Whether you travel for work or leisure, the tips below are easy, can save you time and money, and will reduce your environmental footprint.

1. Unplug before you leave. When you are packing your bags, don’t forget to close down the house. Some ideas include turning off and unplugging electronics, turning down the thermostat and turning off the water. If you are gone for an extended time, you also should put a hold on your daily newspaper delivery.

2. Check in electronically. Save time, money and paper by checking in for your flight online before you leave. Most airlines allow you to check in up to 24 hours before your flight. This saves time at the airport, and, if you are checking bags, you often get a reduced baggage fee when you prepay during your online check in. If you have a smartphone or other mobile device, you can store your boarding pass electronically and avoid printing a paper version.

3. Pack a travel mug or water bottle. Coffee is a must have for meetings. Consider bringing a reusable coffee mug or water bottle on your next trip. Not only will you be reducing the amount of trash produced, but coffee stays warmer longer in your insulated mug, and you often can receive a discount on your coffee by supplying your reusable container.

4. Share a ride. If the meeting you attend offers a shuttle service, consider signing up to share a ride rather than renting a car. If you are taking a taxi to the meeting, consider sharing rides with new colleagues you met who are going to the airport.

5. Just say "no" to daily cleaning service. Many hotels now have signs or cards that you can place on your door or pillow to indicate that you do not need new linens or towels. Most of us probably do not change our bed linens at home every day, so why do it at a hotel?


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