July 2011

Meet some of our members in industry

Yasushi Noguchi  

Senior researcher 
Ajinomoto Co., Inc. 
Kawsaki, Japan 

How long have you been an ASBMB member? 
About four years.

What is the focus of your company? 
Ajinomoto Co., Inc. focuses on various issues, such as seasoning, processed food, beverages, nutrition, pharmaceuticals and fine biochemicals.

What is the focus of your research? 
My research has focused on metabolomic profiling for clinical diagnosis including cancers, diabetes and so on. I also do network modeling of metabolic pathways using metabolomics with stable isotopic flux analysis. Using these technologies, we will start a cancer-screening service in Japan this year.

Why did you go into industry? 
I wanted to engage in projects ranging from research to development to business.

Where do you see research in industry going in five to 10 years? 
I think that the correlation between R&D costs and achievements is getting worse in many industries. Therefore, most industries will be willing to be open to innovation in outsourcing research to universities or other ventures, and cutting their internal core-research labs.

With the economy improving, are you seeing any changes in your job or company? 
At this time, it makes little sense, thinking about just the economy inside my own country. In any case, we will do research for businesses in emerging countries.


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