June 2011

2011 honor society inductees

Twenty-one UAN students were inducted into Chi Omega Lambda, ASBMB UAN Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Honor Society in 2011.  

The ASBMB Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Honor Society (ΧΩΛ) recognizes exceptional undergraduate juniors and seniors pursuing a degree in the molecular life sciences at a college or university that is a member of the Undergraduate Affiliate Network. Students are recognized for their scholarly attainment, research accomplishments and outreach activities in the molecular life sciences.

Twenty-one UAN students were inducted into Chi Omega Lambda in 2011:

Honor Society inductee Michelle Marieni with Phil Ortiz (left) and Mark Wallert.
 Laura Anthony, Marymount Manhattan College
Evgeny Bulat, Providence College
Yi Cao, Providence College
Zachary Curry, Winthrop University
Jiayue Amy Deng, Winthrop University
Olympia Gagliotti, Marymount Manhattan College
Katelyn Gallier, Texas State University, San Marcos
Anne Georges, Hope College
Tim Gilpatrick, University of Delaware
Laura Herren, Marymount Manhattan College
Michelle Marieni, College of Holy Cross
Casey McCormick, Tennessee Tech University
Kevin O’Brien, College of Holy Cross
Deborah Olmstead, University of Notre Dame
Christiana Pineda, College of Holy Cross
Sebastian Ramirez, Rochester Institute of Technology
Ray Romano, Marymount Manhattan College
George Savidis, College of Holy Cross
Kathryn Wagner, Wesleyan University
Thomas Waller, Winthrop University
Ji Yeong An, University of Notre Dame

You can read more about the students and their research here.

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