June 2011

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The Scialog® program

• Applications for the 2011 Cottrell Scholar Award proposal cycle are due August 1. Eligibility is limited to faculty members who started their first tenure-track position any time in calendar year 2008. 
• Preliminary Cottrell College Science Award program proposals are due September 15. Applications will be accepted from faculty members at public and private primarily undergraduate institutions of higher education in the U.S.

The RCSA’s Scialog® program supports research, intensive dialogue and community building. Scialog was conceived as a research grant program emphasizing annual meetings and the opportunity, encouragement and expectation to form cross-disciplinary teams. 

The initial Scialog program in 2009 focused on funding recently tenured scientists and building research teams to undertake groundbreaking studies in solar energy conversion. Funded projects included Boston University associate professor Sean Elliott’s “Transforming heme proteins into solar driven redox catalysts by site-directed zinc porphyrin mutation” and Emory University associate professor Stefan Lutz’s “Directed evolution of hydrogenase for efficient light-driven hydrogen production via quantum dot-enzyme hybrid systems.” 

The 2011 Scialog program focuses on fundamental research, at the molecular and nanoscale levels, that shows high potential to impact advanced energy technologies.

Kathleen Parson (parson@macalester.edu) is a professor of biology and chemistry at Macalester College and a consultant at RCSA (parson@rescorp.org).


James M. Gentile (gentile@rescorp.org) is president of RCSA.


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