May 2011

Science without borders

Language barriers can be an additional burden for researchers doing training abroad. Luckily for Americans, most science is conducted in English. However, people adapt best if they learn enough of the foreign language to follow casual conversation. With that in mind, EURAXESS provides information on language classes in different countries.

Several countries also have websites to facilitate finding and transition into jobs:

• Destination AUSTRALIA
• Destination CHILE
• Destination JAPAN
• Destination SOUTH AFRICA

EURAXESS also has a separate section on the rights of researchers and a code of conduct for the recruitment of researchers. Although abuse of researchers is becoming less common, it is important to understand a scientist’s rights to help prevent or lessen conflict.

Remember: Great science has no borders – the perfect job could be waiting for you across the ocean.

Nancy Van ProoyenNancy Van Prooyen ( is a postdoctoral fellow at the University of California, San Francisco.


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