April 2011

Kevin Roelofs

Graduate student
University of Maryland

Can you give some background on yourself and your research?
I study the signaling of the highly conserved bacterial second-messenger cyclic-di-GMP that generally controls the switch between a motile and sessile lifestyle. CdiGMP signaling also regulates diverse virulence factors, and I am interested in identifying and characterizing the receptors of cdiGMP signaling as potential targets for pharmaceutical intervention. Upon receiving my doctorate, I intend to apply for policy related fellowships with an eye towards working at the intersection of science and public policy. I hope to use such a position to promote the reputation of science in public discourse and the use of science as a tool to predict the consequences of our policy choices.

What did you expect from your participation in our Congressional visits program?
At Hill Day, I expected to meet my elected representatives for the first time. I wan't sure if they would want to tell me about what they do, or if they would want to receive recommendations from me on behalf of ASBMB, but I thought it would be interesting.



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