April 2011

Drew Pruett

Postdoctoral fellow
University of Mississippi Medical Center

Can you give some background on yourself and your research?
I am a mathematician interested in integrated physiological modeling, especially transitioning from molecular level models to systems level models. I am originally from Mississippi, attended the Math and Science School in Columbus and graduated from Millsaps College. My doctoral degree was from Baylor University and I’m currently a postdoc under Robert Hester working on the HumMod integrative model. I have two children, and my wife is an internist at a hospital in Jackson.

What did you expect from your participation in our Congressional visits program?
At Hill day, I wanted to put a face to scientific research (and scientific education) for my Congressmen. In a time of severe fiscal challenges at every level in our country, I think it’s important that the people in power don’t forget that the American scientist played a big part in putting the United States in a position of power in the world, and still shoulders much of the responsibility for keeping us there.



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