April 2011

Vineet Gupta

Graduate student
University of Louisiana-Monroe

Can you give some background on yourself and your research?
After receiving a bachelor’s degree in pharmacy, I joined doctoral program in cancer pharmacology at ULM under Yong Yu Liu. My work primarily focuses on the role of glucosylceramide synthase in the formation and maintenance of breast cancer stem cells. We found that silencing GCS by MBO-asGCS (a gene-based therapy) eliminates breast cancer stem cells, which can reverse drug resistance and prevent tumor relapse. More interestingly, we found the mechanism which regulates the maintenance and formation of breast cancer stem cells. In the future, we want to characterize how glycosphingolipids can modulate breast cancer stem cells to develop a gene-based therapy that can overcome drug resistance and improve the treatment of cancers, especially solid tumors.

What did you expect from your participation in our Congressional visits program?
At Hill Day, I wanted to meet with government officials and exchange my views on the importance of basic research in cancer prevention and treatment. Furthermore, I wanted to discuss the potential use of gene-based therapy in patients suffering from deadly diseases.



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