March 2011

ASBMB roundtable: Carol Greider

ASBMB: And you also had an opportunity to meet President Obama, a fellow 2009 Nobel laureate?
Greider: That’s right, though the Peace prize is given out in Oslo so Obama was not at the Stockholm ceremony. However, the White House did have a Nobel reception before the awards, and I got to attend with my kids, and we all got our pictures taken in the Oval Office, so we had a great time.

ASBMB: On that note, I guess a good, and important, question to finish with is, Where is your medal displayed?
Greider: The official Nobel medal is actually solid gold and a lot heavier than you might think, so for the time being I have that in a safe deposit box until I figure out what to do with it. I did get several replica medals, though, and I do have one of those displayed.

Nick Zagorski ( is a freelance science writer.

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