March 2011

Focus on the ASBMB Undergraduate Affiliate Network

The current chairwoman of the UAN is Neena Grover of Colorado College.


During the past eight years, the organizational structure of the UAN has been formalized, and its goal of creating a community of faculty members engaged in research and education aimed at increasing participation of undergraduates has come to fruition. As Bell states, “Thanks to the hard work over the years of the many people involved with the UAN it has certainly gone a long way toward fulfilling the original hopes for it. As ASBMB rolls out its accreditation plan over the next year or two, the UAN will continue to play a critical role in advancing student-centered education in the molecular life sciences and, through its widespread faculty and student network, provide leadership in the development of young faculty members committed to the integration of research into every aspect of undergraduate education in biochemistry and molecular biology.”

Todd Weaver ( is a professor of chemistry at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse.


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