February 2011

A history of black scientists

In honor of Black History Month, we put together a timeline of noteworthy black researchers and their contributions to the life sciences. To zoom in on an entry, hover over the image or text. To get more information about the entry, click on it. The list is by no means complete, and you should feel free to add your favorite black scientist in the comment section below.


Nicole Kresge (nkresge@asbmb.org) is the editor of ASBMB Today.

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Good job



ashe is awesome




shirley ann jackson


This is useful and meaningful well beyond Black History Month. Connie Van Brunt Manager, Smith Institute for Applied Research Johnson C. Smith University Charlotte, NC


Henrietta Lacks who's cells (HELA CELLS) have contributed to thousands of studies ranging from Cancer to Polio. She had the first Human cell line ever (1951)


St. Elmo Brady, First PhD awarded to an African American, 1916, Universitybof Illinois. Natural products chemist.


Excellent M. DECASTEL, Searcher, PhD Guadeloupe,French West Indies



  • Great tool which I can use in my classroom to motivate my students

  • Awesome

  • I'm doing a paper for my 6th grade pre-med class and I would like to know if Dr. Charles Drew was a scientist too.

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