February 2011

Member Update

EMBO recognizes seven ASBMB members

The European Molecular Biology Organization has awarded the life-long honor of EMBO membership to seven American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology members. They are among 63 life scientists from 14 countries who received the honor this year.

The 63 scientists represent a broad cross section of research covering classical areas of molecular biology as well as rapidly developing fields such as systems biology, neuroscience and cancer biology. More than half of the EMBO members contribute by serving on advisory editorial boards for the organization’s four scientific journals, mentoring young researchers, providing expertise to EMBO programs and taking the lead on new initiatives.

The newly elected ASBMB members are:
Gideon J. Davies, professor, Structural Biology Laboratory, department of chemistry, The University of York, United Kingdom

Carol Robinson, Royal Society research professor and Dr. Lee’s professor of chemistry, department of chemistry, University of Oxford, United Kingdom

Sharon Tooze, head, Secretory Pathways Laboratory, Imperial Cancer Research Fund, London, United Kingdom

Roger J. Davis, investigator, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, and professor, department of biochemistry and pharmacology, University of Massachusetts Medical School, United States

Elaine Fuchs, investigator, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, and Rebecca C. Lancefield professor, Laboratory of Mammalian Cell Biology and Development, Rockefeller University, United States

Thomas D. Pollard, Sterling professor of molecular cellular and developmental biology and of cell biology and of molecular biophysics and biochemistry, Yale University, United States

Chi-Huey Wong, professor, department of chemistry, The Scripps Research Institute, United States, and president, Academia Sinica, Taiwan

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