January 2011

Submitting a special symposium proposal? Get the inside scoop

We want to hear from you!

Not sure that you want to organize a meeting but have suggestions for topics you would like to see become part of the 2012 Special Symposia series? To share your ideas with us, please send an e-mail titled “Special Symposia Topics.”

Identify opportunities for support

Once a proposal is accepted, ASBMB provides seed money to support the meeting. Meeting organizers also are required to raise additional funds. The amount needed for your meeting will depend on the length and location of the meeting and the specific program offerings. Sponsors take many forms, including corporate sponsorships, donations for best poster awards, travel and meeting grants, or joint sponsorships with other societies. A list of potential sponsors should be included. If you have had initial conversations with potential sponsors, include that information as well.

Meeting proposals for the 2012 Special Symposia series are currently being accepted through March 1. This is an exciting time of growth for the Special Symposia Series and a wonderful opportunity for members to submit proposals in their specific fields of biochemistry and molecular biology. To learn more about the ASBMB Special Symposia Series and to see the guidelines for submitting a meeting proposal, visit the ASBMB website.

Jlynn J. Frazier (jfrazier@asbmb.org) is conference manager at ASBMB.


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