December 2010

Scenes from the 2010 ASBMB Special Symposia Series

This past fall, the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology held four special symposia as part of a series highlighting cutting-edge science in areas ranging from membrane trafficking to transcriptional regulation. Below are some highlights from the meetings. You can learn more about the special symposia series on the ASBMB website.


Transcriptional Regulation by Chromatin and RNA Polymerase II

Sept. 30 – Oct. 4, Tahoe City, Calif.

Meeting organizer Ali Shilatifard (center) with best-poster awardees Hidehisa Takahashi (left) and Lu Chen, all from Stowers Medical Research Institute. Johnathan Whetstine (left) of the Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center and Harvard Medical School chats with Simon Elsaesser from The Rockefeller University.
Ohio State University scientist Devi Nair presents her research at the poster session.



Post-translational Modifications: Detection and Physiological Evaluation

Oct. 21 – 24, Tahoe City, Calif.

Ohio State University scientist Thushani Rodrigo-Peiris (left) presents her poster. Joshua Alfaro of the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (second from left) presents his poster to meeting co-organizer Gerald Hart of the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine (middle).




Biochemistry and Cell Biology of ESCRTs in Health and Disease

Oct. 14 – 17, Snowbird, Utah

Jennifer Lippincott-Schwartz of the National Institutes of Health presents her keynote lecture. David Katzmann (left) of the Mayo Clinic networks with Markus Babst of the University of Utah.
Meeting organizers (from left) Phyllis Hanson of the Washington University School of Medicine and James Hurley of the National Institutes of Health pose with best-poster awardees Sabrina Simoes of the Curie Institut, Justin Keener of the University of Utah and Julien Guizetti of ETH Zurich.  
Graduate/Postdoctoral Fellow Travel Award recipients (from left) Eric Weiss, University of Massachusetts Medical School; Viola Baumgaertel, Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich; Matthew Russell, University of Colorado at Boulder; Natalie Elia, the National Institutes of Health; Julien Guizetti, ETH Zurich; and Kaushik Choudhuri, New York University School of Medicine.  







Biochemistry of Membrane Traffic: Secretory and Endocytic Pathways

Oct. 28 – 31, Tahoe City, Calif.

ASBMB President Suzanne Pfeffer presents a birthday cake to James Rothman of Yale University. Meeting attendees enjoy a keynote lecture by Scott Emr of Cornell University.
Alumni from the Schekman and Rothman Labs reunite (from left): Peter Novick, Elizabeth Miller, Greg Payne, Sandra Schmid, Paul Melançon, Benjamin Glick, Randy Schekman, Vladimir Lupashin, James Rothman, James McNew, Fabienne Paumet, Claudio Giraudo, Nava Segev, Suzanne Pfeffer and Scott Emr.
Meeting attendees pose for a group photo.

Jlynn J. Frazier ( is conference manager at ASBMB.

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