December 2010

UAN Chapter Educates about Organ Donation

The ASBMB Undergraduate Affiliate Network chapter at Marymount Manhattan College has partnered with the New York Organ Donor Network to increase awareness and education about organ, eye and tissue donation on college campuses.

Marymount Manhattan College Undergraduate Affiliate Network chapter members at their annual Halloween-themed “Give us your organs!” awareness event.

Marymount Manhattan College’s Undergraduate Affiliate Network chapter recently was invited to partner with the New York Organ Donor Network in its College Initiative program. The federally funded program aims to increase awareness and education about organ, eye and tissue donation on college campuses. Due to the efforts made by their biology students during the past four years through their annual Halloween-themed “Give us your organs!” awareness event, the NYODN has awarded the MMC UAN chapter a two-year, $1,000 grant to continue and expand these efforts.

According to the NYODN website, more than 100,000 people need life-saving organ transplants in the United States. However, the number of registered donors is decreasing. It has become the network’s mission to shed light on organ donor issues to college-age students, and MMC has stepped up to the challenge. In fact, the MMC UAN chapter has pledged that it will help enroll 200 new organ donors.

The chapter already has made great strides toward its goal. The club regularly sets up awareness tables where UAN members can educate classmates on the process, need and value of becoming an organ donor, and the club helps students enroll in the donor registry.

These events are a great success and will continue throughout the upcoming academic year. Future events include a continuation of the “Give us your organs!” event, a college-wide movie night and discussion about organ donation and a “Jeopardy”-style table at one of the college’s major festivals where students can compete for prizes using their knowledge of organ donor information.

Ray Romano is an undergraduate biology major and Ann Aguanno ( is an associate professor of biology and director of the Northeast Region of the UAN. Both are at Marymount Manhattan College.

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