December 2010

Letter for October President's Message

Letter to the EditorDear Suzanne,

I am Zhongzhou Yang, a professor at the Nanjing University of China.

Recently, I received my monthly ASBMB Today and read the October President’s Message with great enthusiasm. I completely agree with you on the key point: to be merciful to Ph.D. students for their publications (especially the first one). Science/research or training Ph.D. students is going astray in pursuing publications. Publishing a paper is the first priority of young Ph.D. students, not resolving a scientific problem or answering a scientific question. My first Ph.D. student has been terrified by the long-term back-and-forth (or submission-and-rejection) process in the past two years. Eventually, his first research paper was accepted by Developmental Biology. Nonetheless, the bad experience is hurting.

We appreciate your faithful service in the ASBMB and I wish all the best to our ASBMB.

With my best regards,

Zhongzhou Yang
Nanjing University
Nanjing, China

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