November 2010

Brian Couch

CouchWhat are you doing now?
I am entering my fifth year of graduate school in biochemistry at Yale University.

What is your impression of your Hill Day experience one year later?
One year later, I remain optimistic that support for biomedical research in this country will remain strong. As part of a larger policy effort, Hill Day was vital for reminding politicians of the importance of basic research and ensuring that we receive the resources we need to do this crucial work.

What has your participation in Hill Day inspired you to do in terms of advocacy?
Since returning from Hill Day, I have been more attuned to the mechanisms and decision-making processes behind research funding. I also am hoping to set up a local meeting with our representative to follow up on topics we discussed at our initial meeting in D.C.

What would your advice be to future participants?
Don't be surprised when the people you meet with actually listen to you.

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