Recent Issues of ASBMB Today


April   2016

In our May issue, chief science correspondent Rajendrani Mukhopadyhay interviews popular speaker Fyodor Urnov, a researcher at Sangamo BioSciences who is an expert in zinc finger nucleases and helped coin the phrase “genome editing.” We speak with a bioartist who is creating new concepts of clothing inspired by the actions of bacteria that coat human skin, cover important new developments in education and outreach, and publish a song parody involving quorum sensing, Princeton’s Bonnie Bassler, and Madonna that’s guaranteed to make you grin.


March   2016

Our March issue looks ahead to the 2016 ASBMB annual meeting in April, with guides to special meeting events and profiles of our 16 annual award winners. We discover a bioartist who uses DNA phenotyping to create startling 3-D portraits of strangers, and science writer Alexandra Taylor delves into the life of C.C. Wang, a biochemist who modernized the field of parasitology.


February   2016

This month’s ASBMB Today contains a special section on diversity and inclusion in the life sciences. Check out some pointed words on the topic from members and affiliates, a Q&A with NIH’s top diversity officer and articles from underrepresented minority contributors who propose meaningful steps for increasing diversity and inclusion. Also see our feature about the Human Placenta Project, which aims to reveal what goes right and what goes wrong with the puzzling organ.