Videocast: A Science Expo for Kids

ASBMB writer Nick Zagorski gets the detailed scoop on the School at Columbia University's recent science expo in a special videocast interview with some of the teachers, administrators and students involved.


2010 ASBMB President's Address

American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology President Suzanne R. Pfeffer talks about the society and its activities and journals.


Tom McFadden Videocast

In this special videocast, science writer Nick Zagorski speaks to Stanford University human biology instructor Tom McFadden about his innovative work in creating science rap videos that make learning fun.


Part Three of Final Thoughts from President Petsko

June 15, 2010--In the third and final portion of our podcast, Petsko talks about the international nature of biochemistry, including his upcoming term as president of the IUBMB, and gives some final acknowledgments to ASBMB.

PLAY : : 8:34 min.


Part Two of Final Thoughts from President Petsko

June 15, 2010--In this second installment the outgoing ASBMB president discusses his unusual research appointment as a co-investigator with Dagmar Ringe as he prepares for a 30th anniversary celebration honoring this scientific pairing. Read his final farewell in the June issue of ASBMB Today.

PLAY : : 8:20 min.


Final Thoughts: An Interview with ASBMB President Petsko

June 1, 2010--In this special three-part podcast, outgoing ASBMB President Gregory Petsko takes some time out of his schedule to speak with Nick Zagorski about a variety of topics. Up first, Petsko discusses the NRC report on Research at the Intersection of the Physical and Life Sciences. Read Petsko's last "President's Message" in the June 2010 issue.  

PLAY : : 9:10 min.


The Science of Comedy: An Interview with Brian Malow

January 22, 2009-In this podcast ASBMB science writer Nick Zagorski interviews science comedian Brian Malow as a follow up to the ASBMB Today article "A Stand-Up Man for Science." The pair talk about what it’s like telling jokes to scientists and some of Malow's recent efforts to improve science awareness through videos and science festivals.

PLAY : : 10:30 min.


Rocking Science: An Interview with Sam Gandy

November 6, 2009-In this podcast, science writer Nick Zagorski speaks with Sam Gandy, a Professor at Mount Sinai School of Medicine and one of the scientists featured in Geoffrey Beene’s ‘Rock Stars of Science’ Campaign. Gandy talks about the life of a rock star and the future of Alzheimer Disease research.

You can read more about this unique partnership between the stars of rock and the stars of science in the article "Rock Stars of Science."

PLAY : : 12:25 min.


HHMI's Science Education Alliance: An Interview with Tuajuanda Jordan

October 9, 2009--In this podcast, ASBMB Today's science writer Nick Zagorski interviews Tuajuanda Jordan, Director of the Science Education Alliance at Howard Hughes Medical Institute, about the first years of this novel science education program. You can read more stories on science education in the October issue of ASBMB Today.

PLAY : : 11:45 min.


Naturally Obsessed: An Interview with Larry Shapiro

September 10, 2009--In this podcast, ASBMB science writer Nick Zagorski interviews Columbia Professor Larry Shapiro, who’s lab was the subject of “Naturally Obsessed,” the documentary about academic science highlighted in this month’s ASBMB Today.

PLAY : :  16:58 min.