November 2011

Q. When did you start working at Beaumont House, and what were the circumstances of your arrival?

I came down here from Brooklyn, New York, to visit with my daughter, who was living in the area. She encouraged me to move down, so I took a leave of absence for a year from my job of 11 years. I came to work at the Beaumont House as a temp in October of 1999. After three months of working as a temp, (they) offered me the job and I took it.

Q. At what point did you realize that you were here to stay?

The year went by, and I fell in love with the area and working for ASBMB and JBC, so I decided to stay. I resigned from my New York job. As of Jan. 1, 2012, it will officially be 12 years since that time.

Q. What was your favorite room at Beaumont House and why?

The front room, better known today as the playroom, on the third floor was my favorite room. Why? Before we went online, the manuscripts were processed manually. Every day there were boxes of manuscripts that had to be processed and taken over to Dr. Tabor to be assigned to the editors. Someone would take them over at the end of the day and pick them up the next day to be mailed out to the editors. It kept me busy, and I like keeping busy.

Q. Were you always situated in the playroom? What was it like to work in there over the years? I have been told there were some good times.

Yes, I was always situated in the playroom. It was always very pleasant and interesting. The ladies I worked with shared different stories about growing up and raising kids. I am sure you heard about the ghost living in the Beaumont House. I think we had a friendship going. Coming into work at 6 in the morning, when I got to the second floor, he/she will make his/her presence known. I felt safe knowing that he/she was there keeping me company until the others showed up. Some of the better times are things that cannot be repeated. You know the saying: “What happened in the playroom has to remain in the playroom.” I remembered how surprised my co-workers were the day I showed up to work dressed as a pimp (see photo).

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