Issues of ASBMB Today


December   2016

The cover story for this issue is about autophagy. John Arnst, ASBMB’s science writer, describes how Yoshinori Ohsumi’s work on the process, for which he won this year’s Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine, has opened up new avenues of investigation in cell and molecular biology. There is also a


November   2016

The cover story for this issue, written by John Arnst, details the pitfalls in trying to establish a baseline testosterone level in elite women athletes. There also is a special section that describes all the exciting programming scheduled for the next ASBMB annual meeting. The abstract submission deadline for the meeting is Nov. 17. As always, the magazine offers a variety of stories, such as journal news, member updates and essays.


October   2016

The cover story for this issue, written by Angela Hopp, details the efforts of one woman to bring Native American students to the National Institutes of Health so they get to experience the thrills of biomedical research. There also is a message from Natalie Ahn, the current president of the societ