Issues of ASBMB Today


February   2017

The cover story for this issue, written by John Arnst, describes how a partnership between the National Institutes of Health and the family of Henrietta Lacks is helping researchers access the HeLa genome. There also an essay about imposter syndrome in minority graduate students as well as a piece by a biochemist who found his way to patients’ bedsides in an unconventional way. As always, the magazine offers a variety of stories, such as journal news, member updates and essays.


January   2017

The cover story for this issue, written by Rajendrani Mukhopadhyay, explores how molecular biologists and clinicians figured out how an enzyme involved in ubiquitination plays a role in a rare, genetic disorder of the immune system. In a Q&A, John Arnst interviews biochemist Michael Wolfgang of


December   2016

The cover story for this issue is about autophagy. John Arnst, ASBMB’s science writer, describes how Yoshinori Ohsumi’s work on the process, for which he won this year’s Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine, has opened up new avenues of investigation in cell and molecular biology. There is also a