Gift guide

Published December 01 2018

These science-themed gift ideas might help you check a few loved ones off your holiday shopping list!

Waterbear stuffed animal Science socks
Tardigrade stuffed animal: $9.95 Science socks:$10.20
Canine breed DNA test Chemistry Fluxx game
Canine breed DNA test: $84.99 Chemistry Fluxx game: $13.22
Women in Science book The Vast Wonder of the World book
Women in Science book: $11.45 The Vast Wonder of the World book: $13.98
Explorer microbiome test Cocktail r-evolution molecular gastronomy kit
Explorer microbiome test: $89 Cocktail r-evolution molecular gastronomy kit: $49.95
Research institute LEGO Periodic table cutting board
Research institute LEGO set: $63.19 Periodic table cutting board: $28