Books by ASBMB members

Published November 01 2018

A Practical Guide to Writing a Ruth L. Kirschstein NRSA Grant

By Andrew D. Hollenbach, co-director of basic science curriculum, school of medicine, and professor, department of genetics, Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center New Orleans

This second edition includes changes to the application since the first edition and continues to provide F-series grant applicants and mentors insider knowledge on the process by which these grants are reviewed, biases that contribute to reviews, the extent of information required in the application, a deeper understanding of the exact purpose of each section of the application, and key suggestions and recommendations on how to best construct every section of the application. This book is a solid resource for trainees and their mentors to use as a guide when constructing F30, F31, and F32 grant applications.

The Paracellular Channel: Biology, Physiology and Disease

By Jianghui Hou, associate professor of medicine, Washington University

The Paracellular Channel: Biology, Physiology and Disease offers a cohesive and unifying picture of the critical functions of paracellular channels (tight junctions) in different tissues. This new class of ion channel utilizes a completely different mechanism to create ion passage pathways across the cell membrane. This volume outlines common principles that govern the organization and regulation of these diverse cellular structures, describes the methodology of study and highlights the pathophysiologic consequence of abnormal structures and functions of the paracellular channels in human diseases.

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