Seasonal highlights

Published September 01 2017

Three highlights as we enter the fall season at the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology:

First, congratulations to our new president-elect, Gerald Hart. Jerry is the DeLamar professor and director of biological chemistry at Johns Hopkins University and a distinguished investigator who discovered protein covalent modifications by O-linked N-acetylglucosamine. He has contributed throughout his career to the ASBMB and will be a devoted leader.

Welcome also to incoming members of the ASBMB Council, Takita Sumter, JoAnn Trejo and Blake Hill; committee members for education and professional development, Jennifer Loertscher and Nathan Vanderford; Student Chapters, Martina Rosenberg and Craig Streu; meetings, Sarah Martin and Melanie McReynolds; minority affairs, Joseph Chaney, Adela Cota–Gomez and Kayunta Johnson–Winters; nominations, Tony Kossiakoff and Iqbal Hamza; public outreach, Ana Zambrana, Matt Koci and Ana Maria Barral; public affairs, Anita Corbett, Katherine Friedman, Kimberly Jackson and Nicholas Rhind; and publications, Brian Crane and Ruth Welti.

Our thanks to outgoing members who served on Council, Karen Fleming, Jared Rutter and Michael Summers; committee members for education and professional development, Chloe Poston, Joseph Provost and Fred Hughson; Student Chapters, James Hazzard and Michael Pikaart; meetings, Steven McKnight and Florencia Pascual; minority affairs, Regina Stevens–Truss; outreach, Teaster Baird and Michael Klymkowsky; public affairs, Bob Matthews, Jack Kaplan and Jeremy Berg; publications, Jeanne Hardy; and awards, Steve McKnight.

Committees are the engines and gears of our society, whose members work to advance biochemistry and molecular biology through discovery, education, networking and advocacy. Our immense thanks to all who serve.

Second, as anyone following current events realizes, now more than ever is the time for all of us to be strong advocates for science. All politics is local, and the most effective action we can take is to tell our own congressional lawmakers about our work, how it saves lives and how budget cuts proposed by the White House would undermine the strength of science in the U.S. The ASBMB Public Affairs Advisory Committee keeps us abreast and develops tools for training. Get involved by joining the Grassroots Advocacy Network.

Finally, get ready for the 2018 ASBMB Annual Meeting! Thanks to co-chairs, Jin Zhang and Wilfred van der Donk, and the dedicated ASBMB meetings committee, ASBMB 2018 is shaping into a fantastic program, with superb symposia on the latest topics, including the Issues in Depth symposium on RNA epigenetics, talks by award winners on foundational discoveries and workshops on new technologies. The Spotlight Sessions offer more opportunities for attendees to present their latest findings. Save the dates on your calendar — April 21–25 in San Diego — and submit your abstracts by Dec. 7 to be considered for a Spotlight Session talk.


Natalie Ahn Natalie Ahn of the University of Colorado, Boulder, is president of the ASBMB.