Fold your own pep talk

Published August 01 2017

As you work to develop a robust CV, scroll through countless job descriptions and perfect a cover letter no PI or HR director could overlook, how can all you job-seeking students, postdocs and professionals stay motivated?

A pep talk is a simple place to start.

In “The Science of Pep Talks” (Harvard Business Review, July–Aug. 2017), Daniel McGinn suggests a formula for encouragement. “Direction giving, expressions of empathy, and meaning making” are components of true motivation, he writes.

Inspired by nostalgia and McGinn’s article, ASBMB Today staff created this origami activity. Cut it out, fold it, and keep it on your desk. These classic reminders to persevere might not land you your dream job, but maybe they’ll inspire you to keep trying. After all, we all start somewhere.

For a detailed instructions on how to fold a paper fortune teller, visit:

Click here to download a PDF version of the image.