Building your online brand

How to stand out from the crowd

Published August 01 2017

Your brand is unique. Your online presence should express your skills, values and personality. Future employers and collaborators may do an online search before deciding to work with you. Your online brand is your virtual introduction and allows you to show who you are as a professional scientist. Here’s how you can influence this information.

1. Create a LinkedIn profile.

This is your online resume. Make it compelling and accurate. Connect with people you’ve met, especially after conferences. Get a professional headshot.

2. Have a social media presence.

Overwhelmed? Choose one platform. Topics for posts can include conference speaker quotes, interesting results from new papers and photos from the lab.

3. Develop your own website.

Identify a free host and a template that you like. Your personal website doesn’t need to be fancy, but you want it to be readable and inviting. Include a short mission statement.




Building an online brand