2017 annual meeting lectures

June 20 2017

Each year, the ASBMB recognizes outstanding researchers in biochemistry and molecular biology with the society’s annual awards. Recipients accept their awards at the annual meeting. Audio versions of the award lectures presented by this year’s winners at the 2017 ASBMB Annual Meeting in Chicago are available below. Enjoy them on SoundCloud, or download them to your device to listen offline. Each title links to a feature article about the speaker. Next year, see experts in person at the 2018 annual meeting in San Diego (April 21-25). Click here to save the date!

David Sibley: Genetic analysis of pathogenesis in Toxoplasma gondii

Erin Dolan: When undergraduate research becomes the curriculum

Judith Frydman: Proteostasis function and disfunction

Volker Haucke: Phosphoinositide conversion in the endolysosomal system

Brian Shoichet: Structure-based discovery of new chemotypes conferring new biology

Susan Gottesman: Post‐transcriptional regulation and the bacterial response to stress

Wei Yang: A new paradigm for catalysis of nucleotidyltransfer reactions

Douglas Robinson: From dividing cells to helping students overcome socio‐economic barriers

Gregory Fairn: Molecular probes to study the subcellular localization of phospholipids & cholesterol

Susan Taylor: Lessons learned from PKA

William Wickner: A reductionist approach to understanding membrane fusion