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Published August 08 2016

Re: Deceased members (June/July 2016)

The list of recent ASBMB member deaths in your June/July issue included Donald Hanahan, a leader in phospholipid biochemistry and founding chair of the department of biochemistry at the University of Arizona College of Medicine. I joined Don in 1967, just weeks before the arrival of the first class of 32 medical students. The college had been planned in the traditional way, with basic science departments quite distinct from pre-existing units on the parent campus. Don was wise enough to see the strength in collaboration, and he oversaw creation of a campus-wide Graduate Committee on Biochemistry. Eventually this became a universitywide department — ironically, some years after Don had left Arizona. But Don’s wise influence was felt at Arizona for many years.

- Christopher K. Mathews, Oregon State University

Re: Meet Natalie Ahn, ASBMB’s incoming president (June/July 2016)

Having read (Natalie) Ahn’s first contribution to ASBMB Today and (Steven) McKnight’s last, I was disappointed to find no mention of the educational activities of the ASBMB.

- Ellis Bell, University of Richmond

I agree. Considering that Dr. Ahn states that two of her three top priorities are to “recapture the annual meeting’s reputation as a must-attend event” and “expand our visibility and membership, especially among young investigators,” I believe some mention of the undergraduate poster competition and the many other educational opportunities at the annual meeting would have been appropriate.

- Phillip Ortiz, State University of New York