2016 annual meeting lectures

The 2016 ASBMB annual meeting featured almost two dozen lectures from prominent researchers in biochemistry and molecular biology. Audio versions of the plenary and award lectures are available below. Enjoy them on SoundCloud, or download them to your device to listen offline. Each title links to a feature article about the speaker and video of his or her lecture. Next year, see experts in person at the 2017 annual meeting in Chicago. Click here to save the date!

Anna Pyle: Regulation of gene expression by complex RNA molecules

Avery August: Chemical genetic analysis of mast-cell activation

Aziz Sancar: DNA excision repair map of the human genome at nucleotide resolution

Bonnie Bassler: Quorum sensing and its control

Charlie Brenner: Biochemistry and molecular biology education in a transforming academy

Christer Ejsing: Functional lipidomics -- from lipid timelines to regulation of metabolic networks

Cole Haynes: Adaptations to mitochondrial dysfunction via inter-organelle communication

Eva Nogales: Molecular visualization of eukaryotic transcription-initiation process using cryo-E

Francis Collins: Everything that matters in biomedicine builds on basic science

Georgios Skiniotis: Molecular choreography of an antibiotic assembly line

Jared Rutter: Functionalizing the unannotated mitochondrial proteome

Luciano Marraffini: CRISPR-Cas, the prokaryotic adaptive immune system

Michael Ferguson: Translating the trypanosome surface

Michael Rosen: Physical mechanisms of cell organization on micron length scales

Peter Walter: From protein folding to cognition -- the serendipitous path of discovery

Robert Farese: Mechanisms and physiology of fat synthesis and storage

Robert Roeder: Eukaryotic transcription mechanisms

Ronald Breaker: Prospects for noncoding RNA discovery in bacteria

Stephen Sligar: Nanodisc platform for determining structure and function of membrane proteins

Susan Baserga: When good ribosomes go bad

Todd Yeates: Symmetry and computational methods in the design of self-assembling protein materials

Xiaowei Zhuang: Illuminating biology at the nanoscale