Home is where the lab
is, was, will be, my partner
he’s home too – elsewhere.

About her haiku, Hingorani says:

“I’m a professor of biochemistry, and my husband is a pharmacologist in the industry. We’ve lived under the same roof for about seven of our 19 years as a married couple. But it has been a fabulous life, doing what we love and meeting up for a few days/weeks/months at a time in different cities around the U.S. and the world. We wouldn’t change a thing.”

Boat Outdoor

In 2015, Manju Hingorani and her husband of 19 years, Anish Konkar, met up in Helsinki after Hingorani attended a conference in Oslo held in honor of this year’s Nobel laureate Tomas Lindahl. They then traveled to St. Petersburg, Russia, and Tallinn, Estonia.

Manju Hingorani is a professor at Wesleyan University, where her research group studies DNA repair. She is also a program director at the National Science Foundation.