2015 graduation survey results

The American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology has surveyed programs in biochemistry and molecular biology since 1999. Several changes were made to this year’s survey, including revised questions to improve accuracy and the addition of new questions about faculty demographics. The 2015 survey went to departments across the U.S., and 158 institutions submitted complete surveys, for a response rate of 18.3 percent. This was a significant improvement over the 2014 response rate of 13.8 percent.

Of note, the 2015 respondents represented a greater variety of institutional types (No. 4 below) than in 2014, when the majority of respondents were from primarily undergraduate institutions. Very few degrees of any type were awarded to students from under-represented races and ethnicities. This trend was also observed in the percentages of biochemistry and molecular biology faculty, over half of whom were reported to be white men.

Erica Siebrasse Erica Siebrasse is the education and professional development manager for ASBMB. Follow her on Twitter.