2015’s top 10

It is a heady thing to look back over a year’s worth of publications. At ASBMB Today, it means getting to revisit all those in-depth features, moving personal essays, and a glittering parade of prize-winning ASBMB members (including four Nobels and a Breakthrough prize in just the past two months)! There are more than a few issues from the past year that I’ve dog-eared and piled into a safe corner so that we might reread coverage of research that we can dig deeper into one day. And where would we be without the reader exchanges touched off by the president’s columns in 2015? Having decidedly duller watercooler talks, that’s where!

In 2015, we generated 270 articles and 426 pages of content. More than half of those pages were written by ASBMB members, participants in our contributors program, or volunteers from the larger biochemistry and molecular biology community, reminding us that the magazine is an inclusive space for member voices and perspectives from all corners of the BMB world.

Late in the year, we use the imperfect metric of website page views to get a sense of our most popular articles. It’s unfair to our most recent articles, since they haven’t had as much time to accrue hits, but it’s still an interesting glimpse at what readers have been seeking.

The 10 most-read online articles (so far) in 2015

  1. Cover story | Waiting for the day to come by Rajendrani Mukhopadhyay (June/July issue)
  2. Essay | The reality that dare not speak its name by Andrew D. Hollenbach (April issue)
  3. Feature | Science in sign language by Maggie Kuo (February issue)
  4. Cover story| Breaking dogma? by Rajendrani Mukhopadhyay (February issue)
  5. President’s Message | Funding decisions: the NIH method by Steven McKnight (April issue)
  6. Defying Stereotypes | “So, a biochemist walks into a comedy club …” by Rajendrani Mukhopadhyay & Geoffrey Hunt (June/July issue)
  7. Defying Stereotypes | Beyond the finish line by Geoffrey Hunt & Rajendrani Mukhopadhyay (February issue)
  8. President’s Message | The straight-jacket of hypothesis-driven research by Steven McKnight (June/July issue)
  9. President’s Message | Welcome aboard! by Steven McKnight (August issue)
  10. President's Message | Two kinds of grants? by Steven McKnight (May issue)

You’ll see one member essay in that top-10 list, and if we were to dig just a little deeper into our reader favorites, we’d find many more. Your stories are perennial hits.

Whatever year it is, this remains your magazine. Keep in touch in 2016 and be a part of it!

Lauren Dockett Lauren Dockett is the managing editor of ASBMB Today.