• EB 2015 wrap-up

  • EB2015 tweet analysis

    Colby Vorland, a Ph.D. student in nutrition science at Purdue University who tweets under the handle @nutsci, each year creates a fascinating analysis of the Experimental Biology meeting chatter on Twitter. Here are just a few of his findings. See more of his analysis on his blog.

    Vorland created a network graph of the relationships among the most common words in tweets and retweets with the meeting hashtags.

    View larger image here.

    Antonietta Pietrangelo from
    Dalhouise University won
    an ASBMB T-shirt for her entry,
    “Wnt Chocolate ChIP.”

    Ice cream competition winner

    The March issue of ASBMB Today featured a profile of Jerry Greenfield, who talked about how his training as a biochemist played a key role in the development of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. Inspired, we ran a contest at this year’s Experimental Biology meeting to see who among our member scientists could come up with the best science-themed ice cream name. We got dozens of great entries, but in the end these were the top three:

    1. FISH Food

    2. Rocky Rho

    3. Wnt Chocolate ChIP